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This site is all about Konkani – Language, Culture & Heritage and the attempts of a committed organisation – MANDD SOBHANN , to preserve, promote, propagate and enrich Konkani language & culture and its tireless toil to ensure the transmission of the unique Konkani Heritage to future generations.

Among the many beautiful cultures of India, Konkani Culture is perhaps the most elusive one - witness to history, yet undone by it; part of the Indian social fabric, yet so nebulously dispersed in its myriad manifestations. A heritage on the wane, a resplendent tradition in peril of inevitable disentegration.

The following is the insightful account of the contribution made by one deidcated group of individuals for the preservation of Konkani culture; of their valiant effort to revive, to rejuvenate, to lend a fresh leave of life to their native tradition - and thereby strengthen the Indian cultural fabric.


Dedication of Kalaangann

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